EXPERIENCE:Streetwar for testers


Finnaly I pinned together a more-less functioning version of EXPERIENCE:Streetwar in digital, so let the testing begin!


Before you actually download and play this stuff, I strongly recommend these few simple steps:

1. For those, who never saw Experience before: Briefly go trough the idea and point of the game, at this page.

2. Open and read the rules (In first games it won’t hurt to keep them open and peek in when in doubt).

3. Controls are meant to be the most intuitive, but cannot be flawless, so a bit of tutorial and recomendations:

  • Everything works by mouse, mostly left button.
  • LEFT CLICK picks up a card, another left click drops it in place.
  • LEFT CLICK also selects cards to build a combo with (the game lits up the whole combo, so you don’t need to click each card).
  • When an effect of a card activates (the cursor changes to indicate this), use LEFT CLICK to target cards with it. If you don’t want to use the effect, click DROP EFFECT button.
  • RIGHT CLICK drops a card currently held back to hand bar, or cancels currently activated effect.

The game itself can be run here .

This here is a demo – it has the number of players restricted to 2 and has basic rules of the game. Also it requires some HTML5 and scripts allowed to run.

Write your feelings, ideas, recommendations and other feedback

to acnero@gmail.com or leave a comment.

Moar screenshots:

endscore target turn combo2

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