Experience:Streetwar is an indie card game where tactics and fun come together. Surprisingly swift, both to learn and to play, coated in nice comic-based design. Tested on humans.


“Amazingly catchy!” — Space Unicorn

Experience:Streetwar brings a package of fun open to any player. It provides unique gameplay and whole range of hidden and unexpected possibilities to explore. It’s full of action, movement, street life, freedom of mind and face-to-face experience.

Streets Unleashed

Experience:Streetwar takes place on a board of 24 blocks, representing the streets of a city. Every player starts off with 5 random cards in hand, which are refilled after each turn. As game continues, players place their cards on the board in attempt to take over the city.


“It’s great! This game is great!” — Jahio: player

Le Wild Parties

In Experience:Streetwar the street life divides into 8 colours. Each of them represents a different lifestyle and provides a different in-game strategy to use. Drawing extra cards, instant point earning, exchanging and destroying cards on the board – every colour has its own main purpose.


“Really fun card game – every draw is a fight.
And the cards’ names are just hilarious!”
— Morni; testing player

Also, each of the 8 character has its own story behind, which defines another point of view to the city.
Whether is your life all party or constant battle, you will find yourself in the world of Experience:Streetwar.

“Simple game, I enjoy time playing it.
Plus the unexpected turnarounds make it interesting.”
— Jaro; testing player

The basic game is pretty easy to understand, but as soon as you dive into it, you’ll see more. There are many hidden and interesting combinations that bring even more possibilities and strategic gameplay.

Struggle for Respect

The main gameplay of Experience:Streetwar is really simple: players seek cards of same colour and put them together. Each of the colours has a point value, which adds to the score of a player as soon as the combo is completed and burned – some of the parties bring you much more respect than others, but in the end, every party counts.


In every draw, the goal is the same: gain 100 points of respect and win control over the town. Whether you gather it piece by piece or build a uber-succesful combo, it’s up to you and the chance.

Awesomeness Ensured

Experience:Streetwar has near to none restrictive rules – it is a world of free tactics and alternatives. With every new player comes a new style of play. Try, learn and explore: the range of possible tricks is unbelievable.


“Amusing and challenging.” — Šani; testing player

The game comes packed with a number of alternate rules to spice up the play – either adjusting it to allow more possibilities or switching to a higher difficulty level. Once familiar with the basic game, you are free to experiment and explore new cornerns of the street life.


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