nerinos Creative. Straight. Laid-back. Freak.

Indie card game developer and all-genre visual artist.
The creator of Experience:Streetwar. A great fan of card games, original fun & art in general.
Made in Slovakia.

Somewhere about 2001 I came across trading card games and was instantly amazed by various gameplays and ideas in those.
From trying Magic:the Gathering, LotR TCG, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! and a few others I got into creating my own original games, gradually improving their gameplay mechanics, design and overall look & feel.

Since 2006 I’ve been presenting my games at various events, bringing them to public and gathering players. With the feedback needed to work on the games further, I was able to redesign most of the first-shot prototypes into the games as seen today (and still improving).

Since 2006, I am making workshops around these games on various conventions, such as
AnimeShow,SlavCon and Hratislava

By now, my game workshop has a bunch of complete games, Experience:Streetwar being the most original and progressive of them. Nero Games are all as simple as possible, innovative, material-efficient and most importantly: instant fun!


You can find more on these at my facebook fanpage NERO GAMES.

Besides creating card games and their graphics I design logos and posters and draw a lot of various things, so you can also
follow me on deviantArt.


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