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XPSW Online (Demo)

Here it is. Original EXPERIENCE:Streetwar card game.

If you are familiar with the rules [PDF], try out this game on a virtual gameboard. Demo is locked to 2 player 5-minute play, but contains all the cards and tricks of Experience:Streerwar.

Briefly on Controls
  • Everything is controller by mouse, left click.
  • No need to “drag” cards. One click picks up, second click drops.
  • Combos are selected automatically after clicking on any card of combo. Click “COMBO” button to score selected combo.
  • Cursor changes indicating the effect currently active. Click cards you want to hit with the effect, or right-click to cancel the effect.
  • Right-click also drops currently held card back to hand.

Hit NEW GAME. Buttons appear when needed.

MULLIGAN: (Before you play your first card) Drop your cards and refill with 5 new cards.

END TURN: Ends your turn and passes game to the next player. Game displays current score of all players between turns. Game ends after 100 points.

COMBO: Scores the selected combo. (Point value is on the cursor.)

CLEAR BOARD: (When the board is full) Remove all burned cards from the board, keeping current player in turn. (End turn clears the board automatically, if full.)

MENU: Gets the game back to menu, so it can be started again from the beginning.

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