First cards of the Experience's ancestor game.

Back In Time

A brief history of the Experience game, from the very beginning of the story. You might be surprised what evolution has gone over these cards!

2006: MC De8il

Young, overly creative, always out-of-the-expected. He was just one of the absurd amount of little characters I created in the days. Nothing but trouble, where trouble means fun. This wannabe MC and his gang and guns.

First cards of the Experience's ancestor game.
First cards of the Experience’s ancestor game.
2008: The Ghetto

After some months of hibernating , I came up with the idea to renew the gameplay of these cards. This version of the game was never printed (not once, even for playtesting!) but went solely in digital, as a classic “2 player on 1 comp” clicking game. However, it was a bit more playable, thanks to the 5×5 board, first introduced in this version.

The never-printed set of Experience 2 cards.
The never-printed set of Experience 2 cards.

2010: Experience:Streetwar

Along with some other card games already getting new players, Experience was due to another remake. With added abilities to all cards and new design it went popular at the local GameExpo. This version was open, fast and fun as hell.

The Experience:Streetwar until last year's update.
The Experience:Streetwar until last year’s update.

2012: Wtf is this?

In the time I experimented with many crazy things. Time will show what those will bring.

Some of the crazy discontinued cards.

2013: New Experience

And here we are now. New design, a bit better balanced abilities and point values. Also the rules got many dramatic tweaks and expansions last year. Now it is a game worth any player.



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