Pocket-size card game packed with tricks and combos

Expect! is an indie card game where tactics and fun come together. Surprisingly swift, both to learn and to play, coated in nice comic-based design. Tested on humans.

Gather contacts to various parties, pull the right strings and see two steps ahead to establish control over the grid. Players build color groups from their cards on a 5x5 grid, mix useful effects and compete for the best score.

Check out the video to see what it's about. The game has been recently redesigned, hence the different name.

The game takes place on a board of 24 blocks, representing the streets of a city. Every player starts off with 5 random cards in hand that are refilled after each turn. As the game continues, players place their cards on the board in attempt to take over the city.

Rules of this game are a few-minute thing. But to reach the level of the best, it takes real skills. The game has also more variants to adjust the difficulty for beginners, or unlock the expert level.


Set collection
Hand management


Easy to learn, challenging to master. Language independent. Quick and engaging. Super portable. Adjustable with alternate rules. Cool comics-based design


  • 48 square cards
  • scoring tokens
  • playing mat (optional)


Download [Expect! game rules PDF]

Contact Us

Noeh | Roman Ondrus
tester, promoter
07548 888 154 (UK)
Nero | Ondrej Sova
lead developer, designer